Going to Frys ain’t what it used to be. Tech is…I dunno…

My Mother is a wise woman. She has taught me the power of window shopping, and how we often feel as though we want to spend some money when in fact we want the feeling of shopping and imagining how the object might fit into our lives. I get it more now than ever, so I knew that it might be fun to go window shopping at Frys, a local electronics warehouse. I asked Leala and we were on our way.

It was kind of cool to get my hands on some different tablets and some of the neater, smaller devices, but overall the place felt like a dirty, poorly staffed and overly-priced warehouse filled with items that we will all laugh at within a few years. “Remember the screen on the iPad 3? HA! We were so excited for that!”

In fact when I see tech now I can only see it in a few years and giggle at its poor design and weak capabilities. Even if it is state-of-the-art now.

One thing I noticed was my complete boredom in the graphics cards and PC tower department. I was completely underwhelmed by MASSIVE (and I mean massive, they made up some powerful 3D doohickey that ran four monitors) PC they had hooked up. It just looked silly. I couldn’t figure it out…normally a trip to stare at the latest in electronics was a lot of fun.

That’s when I remembered that I hadn’t checked in with one of my favorite real-life-location based MMOs: Parallel Kingdom and the new version, Parallel Mafia. I took out my phone and was busy on it while salespeople lazily asked if I needed help. Sure, I was impressed by some of the latest models of netbooks and tablets, but honestly it was all sort of…and I hate using this term: MEH.

We were later having some food when I realized that my attachment to my browser and all of its wonderful uses (picture editing, writing, playing all of my games, making a living from it) meant that I was not tied down to hardware. Where there was a browser, I had access to everything. I literally can access all of my life from the rectangle borders of Chrome, IE9 or Firefox. (I have just discovered Safari.)

This is a wonderful feeling. All of my work lately has been to use the cloud and the internet safely and securely to mean that what I do might last forever and I might have access to it forever. Hell, paper won’t last as long as a couple hard drives, even out-dated ones. At some point in my life I could make a time capsule complete with all of my digital goods and a basic PC to plug in to run it all.

Anyway, strange feeling. I have successfully crossed the threshold to where I do not give a shit about the latest, slickest batch of good looking games that are the same gameplay as a decade ago. I can play my current crop of favorites anywhere in the world, from any position, and even in the bath! (Careful!)

It’s a glorious feeling.






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