Diablo 3? Not sure if it was worth the wait.

Strange, me and Leala play in the same room. I am constantly checking out new titles for work and when she gets time off from working on her own game, she likes to play games. She nabbed Diablo for 64 bucks (!) and seems to be enjoying it mostly.

As I watch it, I really see nothing new. Sure, there are some nice animations and cut scenes, but was this really worth the wait and the cash? Players have already ran through most or all of it. We are already desensitized to the hack and slash genre (thanks to games like Diablo, don’t get me wrong.) Is that enough to make me look the other way?

Rare, beautiful games that make players feel like he or she has stepped into an entirely new world are more and more rare. AAA titles are mostly a series of mechanics padded by a same same story.

I look to indie because their numbers are greater. The chances of finding something unique are greater, even though indie can be filled with crap as well.

It’s simple math: there are less AAA games and more indies. I’m rolling the dice either way, but just trying the safer bet.


Author: Beau Hindman

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4 thoughts on “Diablo 3? Not sure if it was worth the wait.”

  1. While I agree with what you’re saying, it seems that most gamers want the simple, straightforward mainstream fun. Perhaps that it a result of marketing–the only games that are getting pushed are those being made by the big boys. If the indy games were likewise publicised, would they gain more traction? My suspicion is that for most, they would be considered “arty” or just plain too weird (i.e., different to the reining series). Some of those games probably are, but there must surely be some pioneers in there that will define how we game in the future.

    You’re doing what too few are, Beau: directing the public’s attention to the road less travelled. Keep it up!

    PS I find myself sucked into Diablo 3 along with the rest. I got it for “free” with the Blizzard annual pass (a contract I regret getting into). I very much enjoyed D2 back in the day, and now recall just what it was about Diablo that is so damned compelling. I also know that it wears off quite quickly (unlike most MMOs!), and so this particular compulsion will be short-lived. 🙂

  2. Personally, I’m more interested in Torchlight 2 at this point. Between the mediocre reviews of D3’s gameplay and story that I’ve been reading from various people to the chronic network-error (and now account hacking) problems that are plaguing the game as well, it just doesn’t sound worth the price compared to the far more appealing-sounding features (and 20$ price tag) of Torchlight 2.

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