NBI: Hey INDIES! Contact bloggers! BLOGGERS! Contact indies!

The Newbie Blogger Initiative has been going on all through May, and it seems to be doing quite well. I will soon be posting a wrap-up post that includes all of the new blogs and columns. In the meanwhile, I’d like to mention to indie developers that a lot of the frustration that comes from contacting the press for game coverage can be offset by understanding how important word-of-mouth is.

On that list will be several newbie bloggers and links to other blogs that are established. Send your information, your PR stuff, and offers for press accounts (they go a long way!) to these bloggers. If you are not getting much of a response from larger sites, don’t give up on them. But, in the meanwhile, make a list of even just 10 or 15 bloggers and get to know them. With a little time you will soon be able to see the ones that get some attention and that are steadily writing. Those are the ones you want.

To the new bloggers: if you find yourself saying “I don’t know what to write about!” (something that I see on Twitter a lot…it drives me nuts) then understand that blogging might not be for you. You should be busting with ideas. Sure, you might not have the time to write them all, so don’t. Write one a week, twice a month, whatever you can fit into your schedule. Just keep it consistent and keep it up. I can’t stand watching a new game come out and hordes of new blogs and podcasts popping up just to take advantage of the buzz, then fading once the game is no longer exciting.

So, indies: contact bloggers. A dozen good amateur bloggers can do way more for you than one or two larger sites that will not mention you.

Indie bloggers: contact indie games. Get to know them. Use them to build your skills and grow together.

Watch for the NBI list soon, and use it. Many of you will not last, (devs and writers) but for those who do: keep it up. You can try to be cool or hip all you want, but persistence will get the job done, not a smirky “attitude.” Be honest and learn to grow together.





Author: Beau Hindman

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  1. This is great advice for both the indie gamers and indie developers. Indie game communities are usually small, so you’re not going to rack up thousands of hits per post, but you also won’t be one of thousands of people writing about the same thing, and the good indie companies WILL be reading, might even be commenting.

    It’s pretty cool to look through where people were linked to your blog and find an address that links to a login for a developer’s internal company chat. Pretty. Darn. Cool.

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