The NBI wrap-up: Keep it up, but don’t be a fake

It was a great month to see all of these wonderful posts go up in the name of helping new bloggers get off the ground. According to some former bloggers, the project seemed a bit “condescending”…I guess because he thought we bloggers were trying to pass our sage advice from on high to those who barely deserved it. That wasn’t it at all. The main thrust of the project, from what I took from it, was to drive attention — meaning numbers and views — to not only new blogs but to older bloggers as well. Also, it’s always great to network.

It’s my idea that someone will shit on pretty much any parade if they can. Oh well. Anyway, check out the final list of blogs right here. Many thanks to Sypster, my fellow Massively staffer, for putting the whole thing together. While I do not write as much on this blog as I would like, that’s mainly because I am saving all of my work for getting paid. Call me crazy. Still, if you are a new blogger, work your butt off.

But, I cannot stress this enough: get to know the developers. Do not act as a fangirl or boy, and hold their products to a pretty strict flame. Even then, though, keep in mind that you are not commenting on politics or something life-changing (most of the time.) That d-bag Limp Biscuit has made a semi-career from describing himself as some sort of angry gamer, the equivalent of a right-wing game fan. That is one of the most ridiculous things you can do as someone who covers games: pretend that you are grumpy most of the time. No, you’re not. You would sell out in a heartbeat andgo work for dumbass networks if the money was right. Just look at Limp Biscuit…that guy covers shit like StarCraft II and e-sports. Sure, they’re popular, but so is curling. If he’s a grumpy gamer, I’m a furious cartoon fan. Do not make up silly personas just to draw attention from young angry males. Be honest.

Anyway, come up with a style and try and write your reviews opinions as creatively as you can. Please stop covering only the same “AAA” games that everyone else is covering. That’s stupid as well. Think about it: do you really think anyone cares to read yet ANOTHER blog about Guild Wars 2 ONLY? Stretch out a bit. For Christ’s sake, use Google. Find some weird game, MMO or not, and play it. Stop being such a wuss.

So, here ya go. A great month thanks to Syp, and a great month for blogging. Stick at it. Please do not grab on to the latest game if you’re main reason is “this will get me a lot of hits.” Guess what? That game will pass in popularity….they all do. Then you’re stuck with a blog that you never wrote for the right reasons anyway.


Good luck. It’s taken me several years to be able to work at home. I’m not done yet by any means and plan on getting into fiction as well, and eventually plan on covering those downtrodden gamers who do not have a voice. Good luck on your journey, but if I ever hear you introduce your podcast with some dorky radio voice, I’ll be the first one to call you a phony. 😉







Author: Beau Hindman

I write for a living, which means that I sit around in my PJs all day. I love it.