Why the new Lara Croft will still sell…

…because gamers buy stupid games all the time. The community is made up of dumbass, white men. Granted, women and others make up at least half of the gamers community (of course I’m being VERY general here, there are communities within communities) but many of those same women and LGBTs will go to the shitty conventions, buy the shitty games and look the other way when something like this goes down.

In case you have no idea what I am referring to, read this wonderful blog post. It’ll explain it.

I’ll skip a lot of the stupid details simply because it pisses me off to recap them. At this point you have seen the interview or understand the situation. I would rather concentrate on what’s more important: stopping these assholes from making more crap. It’s very easy, sort of: we do not buy their games.

Imagine if this new Lara Croft game comes out and is as bad as it appears to be. Imagine if no one bought it. Imagine if gamers protested, literally, by posting on Twitter and Facebook that they are literally ignoring the game and will not give their money to companies that design such amazingly stupid shit.

Just imagine.

Of course, this will not happen in any significant way. For all of us who get pissed off, there are a dozen or more gamers who are willing to look the other way, will enjoy any sort of rape scene involving Lara Croft (shudder) or who are (in many ways just as bad) concerned about the problems with rape culture invading and rotting gaming culture……….but who will buy the game anyway. If there is one group of consumers who seem almost incapable of ignoring shitty design as long as it is new, it is gamers.

Here’s what I do in my job: I do not support bad design, or do not sit quietly while bad design passes onto my desk. I cover indie games because I think “AAA” typically means more of the same. Even then, I call out bad indie design and will mark when something is sexist or almost any other ist. It’s very hard, though, and admittedly I need to do more. It can be really hard because gaming culture is so saturated now with sexism, racism, and all sorts of isms. You can’t swing an unplugged controller without smacking some example of white, male douchbaggery. But that doesn’t mean you just sit there and happily cover shitty design.

At the very least I am asking those middle-of-the-road gamers — not the ones like myself who decided to avoid buying the new Lara Croft game — who are concerned about rape culture destroying gaming culture to wait. WAIT. Just give it a freaking month. You will not die if you do not buy the game immediately. At least wait and see just how bad the game is. If you simply must still have it, go for it.

So many shitty games with the same sexist, shitty designs are repeatedly made every year (E3 *AHEM*) mainly because idiots buy them and don’t give a poo about any of the poor design choices. Those gamers are mindless entertainment eaters. THEY MUST HAVE THE NEW GAME, NO MATTER WHAT.

But there is a very large number of straight male, female and LGBTs who are worried about this wonderful culture of ours becoming slowly more and more like G4TV — made only for young, straight boys — but continue to support it. They will hear about this Tomb Raider rape stuff and will look the other way because (gasp!) everyone on twitter went out and bought it!

If you have any concern about this type of shitty design, start using your money as a weapon. Stop giving money to stupid designers who crank out the same bland designs every year. Sure, there are more of those stupid sexist gamer types than there are of us, but our numbers can grow.

The saddest part is the controversy over this game will probably help it sell more copies. Of course, I will wait to see just how stupid it is before I write a full, hateful recap, but we all know that soon after it releases (maybe before) there will be vids of the rape scene or scenes, and we’ll all get to make decisions before it comes out. I will be able to link to the offensive vids without ever giving the developers a cent.

To be honest, I’ve never been a fan of Lara Croft. Still, it will be interesting to see just how bad it is and if gamers actually, and finally, make a stand against this stuff.





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