The Hobbit, girl scientists and the movie Brave (no spoilers)

Alright, I just got home from watching Brave, the charming animated movie by Pixar. I’ve also just finished watching this new Science: It’s a Girl Thing video on YouTube that everyone is pushing around. Enjoy, then come back:


EDIT: They have taken down the original video. Luckily someone (including me) has snagged it. I will not upload it as long as someone else has it up. That link should be good, but let me know if it goes away.

OK, I don’t even need to put my two cents into this one. It’s so obvious in its cheese that I would not be surprised — at all — if it turned out to be a joke. But, it’s not. The people behind it (well the people behind the group that requested the video be made I mean…) are trying to introduce girls to science, or something like that. I need to watch the rest of their vids before I pass judgment on the group. I think it’s obvious what a stupid idea this was, and check out the likes compared to dislikes. Ouch. Of course, this is the internet so plenty of those dislikes could be just for fun.

Let’s forget all the obvious bull that comes with this little gem of a video. What I really want to know is who came up with this idea? No, seriously, I want to know all about them. No, not the ad agency that was hired (or possibly volunteered, who knows?) but I mean I want to know who specifically pitched such a thing. I want to see the storyboards and somehow magically be transported to the pitch meetings. I just think someone was giggling inside the whole time, but the old timer who is in charge was like “Oh, this is good! This will really speak to the kids! Can we add a guy in a backwards baseball cap and have him say ‘WORD!’ to the camera?

Holy crap that’s painful to watch. And now it will become a meme. Thanks, idiots…like we need more memes.

Anyway, The Hobbit trailer was broadcast before Brave today. Yes, The Hobbit as in “Holy crap three years of our lives were spent watching The Lord of the Rings and I hope this one will be as good and oh my golly!” *pee sounds*

Of course, it didn’t show much, but what it did show was fine with me. It felt good to be reminded of that time when Leala was so excited for those other movies. We went to all of the midnight showings (during the first one the film literally stopped for about 15 minutes right at the most dramatic moment! I can’t remember if we got refunds) and had a blast fanpeopling it up. I’m sure we’ll do the same with this one. I want to know more, but I tend to avoid spoilers even for movies I already know the plot of. The great thing? Jackson has already set the tone for the design and world of the entire Hobbit – LotR movies, so they will flow together. That means we can watch them all in a row one day and there’ll be no massive jumps in style or special effects quality. Watch the Star Wars movies in a row to see what I want to avoid.

So, how was Brave? Good, of course. Animated movies have now become the new best movies. They haven’t been there for a while. Hell, I would go so far to say that animation hasn’t been as important since the 80s, but then I forget when the Pixar creations started taking over the older style. Maybe there was no gap? Either way, the tech is grand and makes for a grand movie. The animals, characters and settings all feel real but have a stylized design that immediately draws us to them. My guess is that we will still be enjoying stylized content 50 or 100 years from now, despite the fact that perfectly realistic characters could be created.

I initially feared watching a movie about young girl who is voiced by the ever-sexay Kelly MacDonald, but I often forget just how strong her accent can be. So, the character came across as authentic and believable.

I don’t do spoilers, but c’’s Pixar. I think we all know there will be some laughs, some crying, and a happy (but sometimes bittersweet) ending. I’ll say this: I understand test audiences now. We watched this one with a packed house of children, and you could immediately feel the parts that resonated with them. The sad stuff? Nothing much happened with the kids, but it’s possible they were sort of quietly weeping like most of the adults in the audience. The scary parts kept them equally as quiet, but that’s a good thing…that meant they’re scared but not frightened to death.

Now, slapstick? Kids love that shit.

Of course I had to sit next to one of those type of adults who show up alone to the kid’s movie with a book and a giant coke and who insists on talking to the movie and laughing at all of the cheesy humor reels before the show. For a while I thought she was talking to me. Luckily it was a kid’s movie, so a little noise is expected. I’m glad it wasn’t some drama like My Week with Marilyn. We watched that movie in smaller theater, and there was a small group of women who gasped and snorted and blew their noses and really didn’t seem to understand how films worked. It was even more distracting when they would whisper something during a quiet part. If it were a group of teenagers I would stand up and say “Hey, can you be quiet?” but my elder respect got the best of me so I tried to ignore it. Luckily the movie was great.

Anyway, go watch Brave. The Hobbit trailer and the wonderful opening cartoon was worth the money alone.

And if you’re a girl, you can be a scientist. If you want to wear heels, cool, but don’t be surprised if you’d rather walk around in something more comfortable while you discover how shit works and stuff.




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