Still figuring out things from the past.

It’s a big temptaion, but a bigger project: trying to assemble as many clues from my past as possible. I want to collect all of the facts I can by asking old friends, girlfriends, etc about how I was, WHO I was, and what I did. I have certain memories that I would like to hear the other side about. I want to ask “remember when we went to this party?” and see what the other person remembers. Then, I want to write it all down. I need details up until I met Leala…everything after that I have been recording.

If you see this and remember me from before 1999, feel free to leave a story or email me one. The “About me” page will get filled in slowly, as I had originally planned.




Author: Beau Hindman

I write for a living, which means that I sit around in my PJs all day. I love it.

1 thought on “Still figuring out things from the past.”

  1. Hey Beau, funny thing, I documented everything I did in diary’s *before* I met my wife. Where I went on the weekend, who’s party I went to, what movie I saw, who with etc. about 10 years worth. One day I intend to go through them and compact/digitize them. should be quite interesting.

    I believe music is a great tool to remember stuff, you should listen to some old tunes and jot down the memory’s they trigger!

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