What does your Android desktop say about you?

So, you just got that great new device (mine is the Nexus 7) and the first thing you want to do is customize it. Same here. The first thing I do is clear everything off and then add a background. I stay clear of animated backgrounds typically. No big deal, but I just tend to prefer to save the battery power.

My desktop is the result of immediate need. The Nexus features a really nice screen, so it’s great for glancing to check the latest emails. The Gmail widget goes on first, cut in half.

Next I knew I needed a calendar. While I prefer the colors and ease of Goggle’s default calendar, I bought Calendar Pro and placed it below. I constantly check the calendar, several times a day. It serves to reassure my nerves that I’m not missing anything. I cut it in half and now……

Well, now I have a big blank spot that needs something to fill it. (The green circle.)

A weather app will not do. Weather is handy when I need it, but in Texas the weather is hardly unpredictable, unless it’s storm season. Otherwise, it’s just depressing to see the heat every day.

I really want a better Mars widget, one that would show me the latest images from the rovers. So, if you have any suggestions, let me know. The other image you see is of the apps I keep in the shortcut bay. I have covered my emails, of course.

What does my desktop say about me? That I use email a lot, really need a calendar within view at all times and have a huge gaping hole in my life that can only be filled with the proper app.

Suggestions would be great!