A list of all of my pre-WoW MMOs, for future coverage [updated]

I’m not 100% sure why I am obsessed with organizing my past. I recently called my Mom in the hopes that she could recall some exact dates. When did we move to location C…was I 12 or 13? I am writing all of this down and organizing it into a time line of my life. Why? I think it’s obvious: a healthy fear of death (Atheists have it just as anyone, the difference is that it makes life seem that much more miraculous, instead of making life seem bland compared to a religious person’s afterlife.) and getting older has lit this fire under my feet. I simply want a record of my life to last forever, and free tools and the internet have made this possible for almost anyone.

A very large part of my past (obviously) is gaming. MMO gaming, to be more specific. I’ve slowly been storing thousands of screenshots and of course I write about my gaming several times in a week. What’s missing from this picture? A lot of the older gaming picture is missing. Sure, I was blogging and making websites way back then but I did not have the ability to store as much of the information as I do now. So, I’m having to backtrack to find many of my old characters and information. Some accounts are still active, like EverQuest and Ultima Online (my first MMO in ’99) but I am still missing large gaps.

I took to a list of MMOs on Wikipedia and am slowly remembering which ones I played. Below I have written out the list, but bear in mind this is a “pre-WoW” list. Everything after that will be kept in a separate list or has been kept track of on this blog. The missing gap is those years between ’99 and 2004-5ish. I have many screenshots on old CDs and hard drives, so hopefully I’ll be able to find many of them. I mention on the list to what extent I played each title. RuneScape and Ryzom, for example, were only touched on until I moved on. I’m working on finding those really old accounts, but it’s probably not needed. Note: I started playing WoW in 4/2005. So anything before that date is game.

It should also be noted that I still have access to all of my old email accounts from the first time I was online in ’99. Unfortunately, a few of those emails have been wiped through time or because Yahoo and other services wiped them when they when inactive for a while. Yahoo sucks, by the way.

The great thing is that I’ve been keeping pretty good track of my life and gaming life for the last six or seven years, so I won’t have to go that far back. Once I cover that gap I can have a complete picture, all of it saved on back up hard drives and in the cloud.

Call me nuts, but this is important to me.

Furcadia – I played this on and off over the years. It’s a great game for very low-spec machines. The furry community freaks me out, though, so I generally steer clear of this one.

Ultima OnlineCreation date: 12/29/00 The first MMO I played. Really it was the first real video game I played on my own PC. Before this I was too bust working on bands and playing shows to worry about having a PC. (still working with Mythic to get this going. Played last year on the ’99 account)

Asheron’s Call – I played this really early but hardly remember it. I have found 2005 accounts but there is an earlier one. Even then I didn’t really like it at the time. (Cannot find the original account I toyed with before. will play with the one I used for Massively coverage recently.)

EverQuestCreation date: May 21st, 2001 This was me and Leala’s second real MMO. Leala powered it up the levels more than me. This account is still active and has been for years. I am a member of the Community Council which gives me a free Station pass. (Same account since ’02. Still active.)

Anarchy Online – Creation date: The earliest I can find, thanks to the emails I still have access to, is from 1/2005. I played before that but briefly.  What a fantastic game. I remember my brother talking about it, and attemtpting to hook up with him a few times in game. Funny enough it was hard to run back then. I have a couple older accounts but am still figuring out which is which. (Have the account stuff from ’03 or ’04 account but no access to the original email. Hmm…)

Dark Age of Camelot – I tried this years ago but didn’t enjoy it. I remember thinking it was an EverQuest ripoff. Now I know just how fantastic the game is. I just reactivated my account, so more information is incoming. (No idea where the original account is. Tried a trial before WoW. Still, have to locate my character from last year…impossible because EA/Mythic are horrible at CS.)

RuneScape – I tried it bt hated how ugly it was. Now it is simply one of my favorite MMOs, period. Jagex was very ahead of their time.

Earth and Beyond – I played it but the space combat was a bit odd. I remember it being hard to run but it looekd very unique. It’s possible that I still have a screenshot or two.

Final Fantasy XI – I loved (and still love) how this game looks. The grind? Ugh. Despite what players say, the grind is still very bad. It’s lessened, but it’s still the stuff of nightmares. I have all sorts of info about this one….incoming.

Entropia – I played it and hated it. Recent years have shown me how wonderful the game is. The newer graphics can often be amazing.

EVE OnlineCreation date: 7/24/2004 10 million SPs is about my max on this character. I will occasionally resub or activate for five. I plan on doing it again for this project. I love my Raven and stealth craft.

Lineage II – Played it for like 2 minutes. It was too hard to run and was a real grind.

Puzzle Pirates – Still love Puzzle Pirates. It has more innovation than games half its age. Unfortately Three Rings occasionally wipes free characters, something I ever understood.

Shadowbane – I played it but didn’t like the control scheme (ironic, huh?) but I remember burning down buildings and running. A lot.

Star Wars Galaxies – I played it from the beginning, right after beta, but remember it being buggy and generally sort of odd. After the NGE I enjoyed it more but only off and on. I had an active account for years, thanks to the CC. I was there on the last day of this amazing MMO.

A Tale in the Desert – I never really enoyed this one because it is still so unfriendly to new players. Still I go back to it occasionally because it is such a unique idea.

Istaria – This used to be called Horizons and it used to be very hard to run. Playable dragons are awesome, however. The team has been doing wonderful things with it in recent years, but they still seem a bit ignorant of some of the basics. Great game, still.

City of HeroesCreation date: Dec. 23, 2004 This was really our third major MMO. Leala loved it and was good at grinding, but I ended up exploring, roleplaying and customizing more than anything. A great game for sure. It’s a shame it will be closing. She must have had an earlier account because we played this BEFORE WoW. I’m trying to figure out which account is which. It’s possible we played it right as WoW came out and didn’t join WoW til later. That reminds me…I need to go find the WoW creation date.

RyzomCreation date: Only one I could find was Dec. 23rd, 2006. Earlier account wasn’t played beyond trial? I tried this years and years ago but it was so hard to run I quit. Of course years later I loved it so much I hosted a podcast for it and now write about it.

Second LifeCreation date: May of 2004. Need to log in to get exact date. This one came after There. My account is still active and like 8 or 9 years old.

ThereCreation date: Not exactly sure, working on contacting the current devs to see if they can find out. Have screenshots, might be dated. Another major MMO for me, but mainly because we would have such fun hanging out with people ad talking in parties. We used to crash parties and make fun of Christian groups. You know, like high school. (Holy crap..as I wrote this and looked up There.com, it looks like it has been recreated?! Look for more about this soon!)

I’ll be adding to the list and tweaking it all with screenshots. I am having such fun hunting down the missing pieces, but I am very happy that I still have access to many of these old accounts and characters! Until I have all of this figured out, I will probably be writing a lot about older games.







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