It’s good to have goals, specifically two that get you on track

I’ve been keeping track of schedules, goals and ideas for a long time now. I’ve actually been blogging in some way or another since the early 2000s, so those years to now are pretty well kept track of. As I get better and better at being organized and become more patient and able to get things done, I love nothing more than than tweaking life goals and getting closer to achieving them.

I basically have a few main life goals, and have had them for a while. I like the fact that I even have a chance to achieve these goals at some point. Many people that are my age are busily having kids, buying homes and settling into life so they can eventually settle into retirement. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s not for me at all. At ALL.

1) Become a better writer, with the eventual goal of writing a book about gaming culture or a more realistic science fiction novel that reads like a realistic depiction of a superhero. I have already written some stories that are along these lines, but have gotten to the stage with my new rough story that I need to start finalizing it. Of course, writing on top of all the writing I do is top, especially with migraines, make it a slow process.

2) Continue to gather as much information about myself, scan it into the cloud and back it up a million times. I will not be saving receipts or anything excessive, but want to have enough of my life saved so that when I die it will go on forever and ever and will always be around forever. Not that anyone gives a care, but it’s just something I have been doing for a while. Odd, yes. Goal? Yes. Seriously.

3) Use writing or my career to become successful enough to a) donate to get technology to poorer areas of the country/world, or b) use any influence (if I can gather any at all) to draw attention and get some money to people who need it. I’ll settle to get cheap computers to poorer areas. Again, it’s an oddly specific goal and of course can be tweaked as I go along, but that’s it.

I have volunteered with Big Brothers Big Sisters (and want to again) and have written about disabled gamers, hopefully drawing some attention to the fact that there are millions of disabled people in this country alone, and many of them need tools or aid to get online.

I simply do not think that I can go through life without helping people, in some way, much more than I have before. Some people have a mid-life crisis, but years ago I knew that we humans are either ants that need to cooperate in order to actually grow as a species, or we are a group of single creatures that mean nothing.

If I am able to help people, I think I must. I think I am supposed to.

It’s vague-ish, but specific as well.

I’m getting closer to these goals. Will I achieve them? I guess I have no choice. Otherwise I could just spit out some kids and wait for retirement.




Author: Beau Hindman

I write for a living, which means that I sit around in my PJs all day. I love it.