The most incredibly annoying type of comment

Look, I get my share of comments. A lot of them. Hundreds and hundreds. If you write a decent amount, you probably do as well. Of all the type of comments, there is one that is really the most annoying. No I’m not talking about troll comments… those are easy to see and sometimes quite funny. They’re also easy to take care of. They can be deleted within seconds and if they’re bad enough the commenter can be banned forever. (For the record, I do not have the ability to ban anyone on the sites I work for, only here.)

There are comments that point out when I use the wrong words, or comments that point out that “Technically, it’s a solid state drive, NOT a hard drive.” While annoying, those comments are actually doing me a favor.

No, the worst comment of all is easy to illustrate. I’ll use one of my latest articles to show you. If you read my MMObility: The Chromebook ‘All in One’ Project: Introduction piece, then you’ll see this comment. Now, for the record, I don’t think the guy is trying to be a troll or anything. That would be easy. And, if you look at how many views on the video I have so far you’ll see just how few people digest ALL of the column. (There are hundreds of video views at the time of this writing, but thousands and thousands of reads. I even ask people to view the video to prevent comments like the one I am talking about.)

Here’s the comment:


I purchased the Samsung 3 series Chromebook for price as well as the possibilities of productivity and gaming. It was a choice between this and the nexus 10. The question I have is regarding your current topic. Can you list the type of games (including MMOs) that is compatible with Samsung 3 series. the chrome app store have games but it is not compatible with this Chromebook. It is either it requires Unity’s 3d player or extensions or something related.


Let me break it down really fast. The Samsung series 3 is the Chromebook I am talking about. Check. The “possibilities of productivity and gaming” is pretty much THE topic of my series which will run over the course of an entire MONTH. CHECK. The “current topic” he/she is asking about? GAMING AND PRODUCTIVITY ON THE CHROMEBOOK SERIES 3. CHECK.


Now at  this point I think this is either some smart spam or a troll. I hope so because my brain could wrap around it easier. But it still points to the worst kind of comment: the one coming from the person who literally did not read a single sentence of your writing. They read the title, got excited and posted a comment.

I’ve had several people ask me to list games for them. I get an email or two a month from someone asking me to recommend a game for them. I get comments like this one ALL THE TIME. Why does it bother me? It bothers me because it’s like going up to a guitar player who JUST played a song in front of your face and going “Do you play music?” It doesn’t hurt my feelings, but it wastes my time. I’m not trying to sound important or stuck-up, but over the course of a month any writer like me can receive literally hundreds of comments. I suffer from migraines, but even then I literally do not have time to read all of those comments. Also, it’s a bit insulting when my work is literally skipped over.

Look, I know my writing might be boring, and my videos might not be as exciting as watching Simon’s Cat. But, I’ve done this long enough to know to cover my ass mostly. When I write I give myself coverage. For example, I might say “I loved this game, but I only played it for 6 hours…” or something. That stops the dorks who accuse me of lying because I didn’t get to the “end game.” Or I might say “The community was nice, but I only played with a guild for a week.” The video in my Chromebook columns will act as this coverage. I cannot just hand out game lists… that’s stupid and boring, and I have an entire month to cover the device.

For all that is holy, please READ or use SEARCH before making a comment. Every comment read means time away from writing, and some of us can barely stare at the screen for that long.



Author: Beau Hindman

I write for a living, which means that I sit around in my PJs all day. I love it.

2 thoughts on “The most incredibly annoying type of comment”

  1. Hi Beau, I just discovered your body of work from reading AND watching that video for your all-in-one project. I’m not a gamer, per se, but I find your concept of gaming on the Chromebook fascinating and I’m looking forward to the series. I would have bought one over the holidays except for the inflated prices, but I also will be using the CB as my main machine here shortly.

    All that being said, I absolutely loved this post. Of course, it addresses a fundamental problem with the net: nobody reads. The mouse is always waiting for a click to the next drop of dopamine.

    So keep it up. I’m looking forward to going back and reading some of your archives now that I found your stuff. But the comment I really wanted to make was…

    “Hi! Could you please some examples of annoying comments that people leave on blogs?”…


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