My last Chromebook article… for now: A wrap-up

Thanks for sticking with me during this project! It’s been a lot of fun and the ‘Book community has been great. Let’s get to the links!

First of all, check out the MMObility intro if you haven’t already:… — this will explain what I am intending on doing with the project, as far as games go.

For all of the gaming articles, just go to the All-In-One project tag on

….also check out my Rise and Shiny column, I cover a lot of browser-based games that will work on the Chromebook:

Here is a link to my personal blog where I talk about the more techy side of things. Read these blogs for favorite apps and even an interview with Google, as well as a listing of my favorite extensions/apps:

Here is a link to the keyboard shortcuts… bookmark this:…

Google Drive storage info:

The Spotify web app:

Pixlr photo editing:

Minimalist for Google calendar:…



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