Who am I?

Cosplay and coffee? OK.

Cosplay and coffee? OK.

My name is Beau Hindman, freelance writer, artist, podcast and vidcast host, drummer and animal lover. I tend to talk a lot, live with moderate Ulcerative Colitis (holler with any questions) and work out of my house with my wife, two dogs, two cats and one crazy bearded dragon. Right now I cover free-to-play, browser, indie and odd MMORPGs for Massively.com and review Android games for DroidGamers.com. In the past I have written for MMORPG.com (I also had a featured blog there for a long time.), Blog.games.com, MMOvoices.com, AbleGamers.com and have guest-hosted on many podcasts and vidcasts. I co-host the vidcast Gamer Hangout and stream for Massively on our Twitch page.

I am also a fan of writing short fiction and am currently putting together a short novel about the world’s only superheroine. If you would like me to write something for you, let me know. You can send me a message on the contact page or follow me on Twitter @Beau_Hindman. This site is mainly used to link everything about me in one place. I am working on a timeline of my life, complete with any pictures, songs, art and videos I can find. The goal is to have it all ready to go and stored in one place so I’ll have something to look back on when I’m 90. Thanks!



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