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I plan on filming a quick video about the digital life collection obsession I have, but basically it’s just a collection of most of my life — or the important bits of it anyway — collected together in one big digital package that I can keep track of and organize. The idea is that by the time I’m an (older) old man I can look back on it all and go “That was fun.”

This time I have a picture of my 6th grade class. Funny thing is, I can remember almost every one of these kid’s names. I’m on the far lest, sitting… the red and grey hoodie. Looks like my love for hoodies started early.

Here are some memories I have of that school:

1) I had to hold a girl’s hand for the first time at recess one time. Her tall blonde friend told me to. My brother would make fun of my brief courtship by saying “Ellen OH-len” in a mocking tone. I never got it. It was a weird way to make fun of the poor girl’s name. After all, she already had to suffer by being my first serious hand-hold.

2) Kelly B. used to act like a horse, and the game was to catch the horse girls and kiss them. I caught a lot, didn’t kiss any.

3) Kids would “get married” on the playground. They would have a friend stand in for the preacher and later, after things went sour, they would have to get a “divorce.” Being that this was Oklahoma, it was pretty sound training for future relationships.

4) A kid named Tim (iirc) ate grasshoppers with ketchup at recess, behind a giant tree that sat on the edges of the large playground. I think my first class-ditching came in the form of sitting behind that tree all day.

5) We watched Tron in the cafeteria.

6) We also watched the space shuttle explosion on a small television.

7) My friend Tony (who was one of the few black kids in the school) made my other friend Dave mad for some reason. When I saw Dave later while waiting for the bus stop, I could tell he was miffed. He sort of punched me in the chest. I remember feeling really bad, as in bad for making my friend angry.

8) I attended enrichment lab here and learned a bit of German, etc. They also took us to a place and did tests on us. We had to place blocks and things into other shape things. We also had to watch a computer monitor and press buttons in time to get a high score. Reaction tests or something.

9) Eddie Guinn had a funny laugh. Ginger kid. I thought he stole my lambo Transformer. In hindsight, he was just a nice kid.

There are a lot more memories that come to me thanks to this picture. 4th through 6th grade was really a fun time for me. It didn’t start to suck until I hit high school and realized what a joke high school was.





Author: Beau Hindman

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