Is disabling comments a good idea?

I wanted to fire off a quick vlog to ask if comments sections/official forums really serve much of a purpose? Do they just create drama to pull in hits? I ramble a lot but I have an excuse: I’m not a smart man.

Anita Sarkeesian TED talk with comments disabled/explanation:

Years-old blog about my dog that drew comments that I had to delete:

I couldn’t find any Neil Peart (and yes, it’s PEERt. haha) explanation about how he stopped with the fan mail (if someone knows what I’m talking about, feel free to correct me) but I did find this hilarious Funny or Die sketch, so there ya go:

My Game of Thrones post that made me realize that nothing was happening in the comments section, really. I love the positive feedback but to read them all and delete others took time:

— when I saw that people had started to use words like “pansy” I knew no discussion was happening. I also saw links coming in from other places that were not friendly to feminism, etc. Once it starts getting shared with the “Men’s Rights” types, no good will come of it.

Another post I recently made. I couldn’t possibly read all 284 (as of the time of this vlog) of these:

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