Steam Black Friday sales lead me to glorious gaming

I was NOT a fan of Steam for the longest time. At all. I hated how you had to run the damned thing just to play a game, it felt intrusive and silly. Now, however, I see how handy Steam is but more importantly I can see how handy it is for independent gaming. It’s done so much for indies, from allowing devs to get a game on one of the largest distribution centers in the world to letting us, the players, get a hold of some truly unique gaming that we might have missed before.

I will save much of this discussion for Gamer Hangout, but I nabbed a few titles.

I only spent about 50 dollars and have yet to even try them all out.

I got Spacehulk, something I have wanted to try forever. So far it looks great but I’ve barely touched it.

I also grabbed Bioshock Infinite. So far it plays like the original — a good thing — but I want to play more before I pass judgment.

I bought Gone Home, a great (but short) indie game that Leala has wanted forever. I won’t give away spoilers, but it’s fun to see indie devs make a game that is so simple and to the point.

I also paid for Redshirt, an indie game that is basically like a trip into the world of sci-fi Facebook (“Spacebook” it’s called in game) users. It’s cute but, as Leala pointed out, would make a much better mobile game.

I also grabbed Shelter, a weird indie about controlling a badger mother and kids as they simply try to survive. Who knows how this one will play out?

So, did you get anything good?

I love Steam sales. My Steam wishlist does too.



Author: Beau Hindman

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