Almost giving up on Google + ‘s Photos

I think I give up on being able to edit/arrange/title large batches of folders using Google + photos. The problem is that if you have more than, well, like 80 in a folder and need to arrange it… you can DRAG AND DROP batches or individual pics to arrange. The problem is that if you have a lot of pics in a folder, dragging arrangements can be painstakingly LONG.

Also, you cannot name pics in Photos. So, arranging by name — I guess — arranges by the name of the photo when it was uploaded? I have no idea.

So, download Picasa and arrange that way but — of course — downloading a folder from G+ Photos means that I do not download half of what was in my folder. As a point of example, my art folder has 977 photos in it. I use Picasa to download the folder so that I can arrange it easier and it only downloads half of the pics.

Why is Photos so limited for those of us who have more than a handful of pics? I’m tempted to go back to Flickr. At least their tools make everything easy to work with… you can rename, rearrange, and they have a desktop tool that works. Just sucks because I love Google’s products.

Author: Beau Hindman

I write for a living, which means that I sit around in my PJs all day. I love it.