Why I Play: Neverwinter

I have to say that for all of my yapping about needing to play MMOs that allow me to freely roam and to explore a virtual world and live a virtual life, I sure am a fan of linear themeparks. Who isn’t? In fact, show me someone who now claims […]

Rise and Shiny: League of Angels

I do not enjoy writing guide-like articles. I am no fan of reading walls of text that detail how to “properly” perform in an MMO, and I will not break my policy this week. It wouldn’t really matter, anyway, because this week’s Rise and Shiny game comes from the mind-bogglingly […]

Why I Play: Defiance

As I did with RIFT when it was announced, sent to beta, and released, I gave Defiance a bit of a hard time. Sure, I dug the shooter aspect of it, but its attachment to the television show and (what I took as) promises of interactions between both the game […]