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This page contains a decent history of my time playing drums with different bands. I joined my first band with my brothers and a few friends around 13 years old. If I remember correctly, our first official “show” was at the junior high talent show, where we were kicked off for being rude…or something. Anyway, I will slowly be adding songs to these lists as I find them.

This list is in order from most recent to oldest. It’s funny to see how much I have sucked over the years. Consistently. Good listenin’! I will be adding pictures and tracks as I find them.

These are listed from most recent band to oldest.

2012 – Current:

Considering getting a lil’ jazz kit and finding a band to play smoky bars with. Well, OK, not smoky… they outlawed that.

January, 2014 – the last real gig I had. 



Untitled project — I went back to playing with Jennifer and Jason from B Minor Harmonic. Will post recordings whenever we get some. (No longer around, Jen took the project into Zelfel.)



Tile — I formed this band with Lisa (formerly of the Toadies) and Jennifer of B Minor Harmonic. We later added Tommy Hernandez. It was a helluva lotta’ fun but we couldn’t really get it together. Jen moved to Portland, (but now lives back in Dallas) Lisa still lives life wonderfully and Tommy is doing odd 8-Bit craziness.


Here are 3 rough WMA recordings of TILE practicing and improvising in my bedroom one day.

File 1.

File 2.

File 3.


2006 – 2009

Tommy Hernandez — A gig playing drums for Tommy’s solo project. He had some amazing piano-based stuff. I played live with him quite a few times but need to find some better recordings.


2005 – 2008

B Minor Harmonic — This was me, Tommy Hernandez on keys, Jason on bass, and Jennifer Mayes on guitar. We had so much fun, even though I had a hard time with the softer music. Still, it’s great to hear these old tracks and remember how much we all wanted it to succeed.

Screenshot (1018)-ANIMATION

We were doing pretty well in the Dallas area, until it basically petered out. Still, what a fun band, and the softest band I have ever played with.


Below is a practice session we recorded before a show. After that is a list of songs we recorded, both times with Kyle, a friend who ran sound.

  • Prince: I loved playing this song. A real basic stomp beat.
  • Goodbye – a lovely song. Want to make a vid for this one.
  • Spider: KInda reminded me of the Cure song about spiders. Probably just because they shared a name.
  • Jennie: About Tommy’s friend. Fun to play, in between beat.
  • Trust the Keys: This one was sometimes epic live. Depended. On a good night it was.
  • Ms. Information 1: Not sure about this one, always kind of odd.
  • Ms. Information 2: Same as above.
  • Comic Books: I barely remember playing this. It was slow and I wanted it to go slower, heavier. Pretty song.
  • Pretty Boys: Fun to play but only when it flowed. Otherwise it sucked.
  • Holy Days: A Tommy solo song. Not bad!
  • Upon Entrance: Another beautiful Tommy Solo thing. I used to play drums with him on this, back when we played together still. Wonderful stuff.

2000 – 2004

Billy Joe Winghead — A great band that I played with from around ’00 to ..hmm..’04 or so? Anyway, this was the first band that I toured with. They took me all over the country and we had an incredible time. Still a great bunch of white trash weirdos!


  • Caravan: Here is a sample of Caravn from their album “Precious Memories”. Great stuff.
  • Instrumental: Live again. For some reason I am forgetting the name of this one right now. Anyway, I loved playing it. Surfy, and I got to do some big, open rolls.
  • Hairless Kitty, live: Live at the Star Bar once again!
  • Judy: Recorded live at the Star Bar in Atlanta, this song was about a co-worker of Dan’s. Still can’t remember what it was supposed to  be about, but there ya go.
  • Siamese Cat: Recorded live at the Star Bar again. This place was a home away from home. I lost my sticks about a quarter of the way into this song.
  • Honey: A fantastic cover. I used to play it way too fast.
  • Beau solo! Some thing I did after we finished a song. Drums and stuff.

2003 – 2004

Z.O.D. — a killer little band that I formed with Dantone and Vegas from Billy Joe Winghead. It was me on drums and their two guitars.

1997 – 1999

Pulpit Red — Pure punk fun. I played with them only a few years, but I absolutely loved how crazy the shows would get. Gary (the lead singer) would often do his best to fall over the place and put on a great show. I look back at these guys with such fond memories.

Pulpit Red live at 66 Bowl! A rough recording, but one that was done at one of our favorite places. Me on drums, Gary Shilling on vox, Dave on geetar and Ben on bass.

Zero Night: Badass song. I remember recording this and the sound guy just kept telling me to play like the guy from AC/DC.




1994 – 1997

Little Turkey — THE band for me. This was the first band that took me all over the place, playing shows. We even went to New York and had some fun. We formed side-bands, made zines and met people that I still know today. This was my coming of age band, for sure.

Here is a list of all of many known tracks from Little Turkey, in order. If you know of a missing one or have access to any missing tracks, please let us know! The tracks will be fully downloadable as we get them ready. Check back often! Click on the link to play the MP3 in a new window or right-click and “save-as”. We have a TON of tracks to still import and listen to, so check back often!

LTU2 (22).bmp-001

1997 – Little Turkey: The Destruction of Hemlock

All words and music by Ted and Amy Turkey except for “Felling Tree”; words and music by Beau Turkey

Destruction of Hemlock
Lead Poisoning
Felling Tree
Skin and Bones
Sometime Later
Wanna’ Be
Melissa’s Song

Alternate, original Melissa’s Song version. We recorded a few of these.

Boff (remixed)
Extra track

LTU2 (14)

1997 – Little Turkey/Smarty Pants split

All words and music on the LT side by Ted and Amy Turkey

Tall Tales
You B.O.S.
L.T. Song


1996 – Live at The Raven (unreleased)

All words and music by Ted and Amy Turkey

Download/stream the entire set

Scratch My Ears
Perc and Regular
For Sure
Food Song
Muppet Song
Bondie Boy
Scooby’s Dream
FeeBee (Formerly Grin Song)

LTU2 (15)

1996 – Little Turkey: Single

All words and music by Ted and Amy Turkey

Won The Battle

LTU2 (17)

1995 – Little Turkey: Smells Like Egg

Words and music by Ted and Amy Turkey

Turkey Theme ’95
Fiver the Cat
Scratch My Ears
Lots of Vocals (Words by Beau Turkey)
Scooby’s Dream
Food Song
Perc and Regular
When I’m Mad

LTU2 (16)

1995 – Little Turkey and the Suburban Bitches split

Word and music by Ted and Amy Turkey

Muppet Song
Food Song
Someone Else

1995 – Grin: Soft and Crispy

Words and music by Ted and Amy Turkey

Magical Penis
Sad Song
Bondie Boy
Magical Penis (ac)
Food Song

1994 – Grin: $

Words and music by Ted and Amy Turkey

Fiver the Cat
Here and There
Bondie Boy
Food Song
Magical Penis
Little Turkey

B-Side Madness, all one track

Bonus/Unreleased tracks/Misc. tracks of Mayhem!

We are having to figure the names of some of these songs, so keep an eye out for set lists.

Amy’s Solo Pretty Song – A song that Amy wrote and recorded… still figuring out when it was released. If ever.

Alligator Song – Random practice recording. Interesting track.

Red Cheeks – A killer remix of a fantastic song, one of my favs.

Santa Claus – A great song by Ted. Would love to re-record!

Cecada – Words and music by Amy. B-side I think?

Practice session

– Scratch My Ears
– Scooby’s Dream

LoL – A Ted song (He has a million of them, but this is one.)

LOL B-Side

Untitled 1

More recording late night practices
– Untitled 1
– Untitled 2
– Scooby’s Dream
– Scratch My Ears
– Untitled (lots of screams)

Another recorded practice – Country Sticks (Great song.)

..even more practice – Untitled Amy’s Song

The Quad Zygomatics

This is a side-band that Amy and Ted formed after LT split up. Wacky stuff!

– Slacker
– And back again
– March of the Green Heads
– Bugwater
– Robot Dance
– Love Song
– Zygomatics

Here are a few songs that I played and messed around with solo or with help from the rest of the band, but these are just screw-around tracks.

  • Beau One: A silly song I wrote and we recorded it one night while drunk. I was on bass and drums. I think guitar as well.
  • Beau Two: Another song I was drunkingly recording.
  • Beau 3: Drunk, again. Screwing around with a 4 track.

1990 – 1994

Fondle the Lung — One of my first bands. More to come. It started off with my on drums, my brother Marc on guitar and Chris and jason from Traindodge on bass and guitar. After I left to form Little Turkey, Marc left after playing with them for a while longer. When Marc quit Jason and Chris brought in Rob (Jason’s little brother and an amazing drummer) to form what is now Traindodge. All these years later and they are still playing!

  • Bendryl: I really love this song’s bass line. We wrote it around the line it was so good. This was recorded live at a park in Edmond, OK. The vocals seem really loud because we recorded off of the PA system. Supposedly the mix out front was much better. What a great time.
  • RAUL: A song about Marc’s co-worker if I remember it correctly. The track is cranked, so be aware.
  • Crash: Another really good bass line, recorded at the same live show in Edmond. Again, forgive the loud vocal tracks. It’s nice to hear how good the guitars are, and that was years ago. Nice.
  • Untitled — I was in different bands with different people, but when I was a kid  played usually with my brother Marc and different friends at the time. A lot of our friends still play and still tour, so that’s good to see.
  • Ohio: A funny old song we recorded back in our bass player’s house. I love the echo on Marc’s voice.




Liquid Town – A temporary band featuring me, brother Marc and Chris from Traindodge.



Still Gettin’ Sixes (hehe) Some of the first stuff I ever played. We played high school parties and stuff a lot. Tons of fun, coming of age B.S.

  • Really Big Rolls: Listen to my awesome ROLLS on this one! haha
  • Instrumental: Wow, this is OLD. recorded this in an old garage that we used to practice in. How metal we sound! We are trying to mimic some of the thrash stuff from back in the 80s…we did OK for a bunch of kids.
  • Another Sunday Song: My brother and Johnny wrote a bunch of these acoustic numbers.
  • Who Knows: A neat beat, but I have no idea what we’re singing.
  • Whatever Man: Another big song. Remember, this was back when metal was still around.
  • Still Getting Metal: Yep, more metal.


Firefly – one of the names we took for a while.


Voss Moppet – A band we formed with a guy who shaved his head. He later commited suicide. We played one practice at his house, but the vibrations from the music made a vase fall off a shelf and he freaked out. Obviously had a rough family life.


Slow Children – I think this was our first band with me on bass, Mike my brother on Drums, Marc on guitar and Johnny on guitar. My Mom helped buy our amps and later I used Mike’s drums for years and years in bands.