Voyages of Vanguard podcast

I will be putting in the details about each cast over time. In the meanwhile, enjoy!


VoV 27: Download:

Shhhhh! We know we aren’t suppose to put out a show for another week, but Karen and I just could not stay away.  We originally intended a small show to tide the Vanguard followers for a week, but we found just too much goodness and carried the show on for a whopping 1 hour and 32 minutes!  In addition to our ramblings we have the very good fortune to have Beau Turkey give us his honest opinion of the game — find his audio diary tacked on to the back of this special episode.

*  What we have been up to
*  Congratulation to Brent on his cameo appearance of Legends of Norrath
*  Fan Emails Discussed
*  Beau Turkey’s Audio Diary of Vanguard


VoV 28: Download:

The dynamic duo, at the Voyages of Vanguard, invite Benjamin De la Durantaye on to the show.  Ben, otherwise known as Machail in game and as the leader of his guild, Agony’s End, talks about his experiences in APW.  Ben has allot of information about the next Game Update and we are honored to have him stop in and tell us what he knows.  Following the discussion on APW and the Test Server, Beau has returned and is eager to talk about his newbish experiences in Vanguard.

*   News of Vanguard
*   Interview with Benjamin De la Durantaye
*   Beau Turkey’s Second Vanguard Newb Report


VoV 29: Download:

This week in the Voyages of Vanguard, Troy and Karen, talk about the release of Game Update #3.  They discuss the 8 major points of this greatly heralded patch and talk about how this will affect the game and their characters.  Troy sadly must say goodbye to his idea of the VoV Friends chat channel, but with even more remorse he says goodbye to Karen who is stepping back from Vanguard for the moment: Look forward to Troy and Karen teaming up for EQual Perspectives, a show devoted to Everquest 1 and 2 and is also another podcast within the Virginworlds’ Collective.  Troy espouses how nifty the new Station Launcher and welcomes everyone to try it (its FREE).   Troy and Karen thank Lucifrank for being the sponsor of the show, and welcomes others to support Brent in his efforts.  Finally, Beau Turkey gives his newb comments on Vanguard.

Show Notes
*  Game Update 3
*  The Death of VoV Friends Chat Channel
*  Saying Goodbye to Karen (/cry)
*  Discussion of the Station Launcher
*  Discussion of supporting Virginworlds and our thanks to Lucifrank
*  Beau Turkey and his Newb Comments of Vanguard


VoV 30: Download:

Troy and Karen return with a new show, for the new year!  both talk about the latest news in Vanguard, with each talking about holiday festivities and quests. Troy laments about striking the words “polish” and “optimization” from lexicon for the coming year.

Karen gives a great shout-out to Lumio!  Both hosts talk about how much they really enjoy seeing Lumio spreading great Vanguardian fun.

Troy and Karen then talk about what they have been doing over the holiday season. Both talk excitedly about playing Vanguard and Everquest 2.  During one of the many tangents, the duo talk about the problems of losing a guild hall and what the developers could do to prevent this.

Troy and Karen battle over the idea of armor tinting, each with their own ideas behind the perfect visualization of characters.  Karen loves the armor art in Vanguard, while Troy really would love to see armor tinting.

What should the developers do in this new year?  Troy and Karen talk about what they believe should be done to Vanguard for 2008.

Closing out the show, Troy rants about banner ads on the Sony sites; and Beau Turkey returns with his Vanguard Newbie Show, talking about the latest Producer’s Letter.


VoV 31: Download:

This week Troy is driving solo, but with help from Beau Turkey once again.  Troy has a ton of email to talk about, then showcases the theme song for his guild Revelry & Honor, along the way he talks about the changes in Vanguard with the many hot fixes.  He is charged about Game Update 4 that is imminently due.  He wraps up his portion of the show on what his characters have been up to.

Beau Turkey adds his comments to the world of Telon in a spectacular 30 minute segment.

Show Notes
*  Troy thanks Brent and an anonymous listener for his new microphone
*  Email
*  Revelry and Honor Theme Song
*  The Emeraldtablet (
*  Shout Outs
*  Woes of GDC
*  Game Hot Fixes and Update News
*  Troy’s Character Update
*  Beau Turkey’s Vanguard Show


VoV 32: Download:

Feb 25th, 2008 – This week Troy and Beau each have a small segment dealing with their travels in Vanguard.  Troy starts the show by talking about the experiences of his trip to the San Francisco GDC. He then relates how he is moving to the test server, for the next several weeks; enjoying helmets, flying mounts, and the modifications done to many classes in the game. Beau rounds out the show with a wide number of topics including his “Immersion” into Vanguard and his adventurers with his Raki ranger. Enjoy!

Show Notes
*   GDC Tales
*   Moving to the Test Server
*   Beau’s Immersion Quest


VoV 33: Download:

This week Troy takes Beau’s Immersion factor to the next step and has Ratook and Pidge, his two main characters in Vanguard read letters to each other.  WARNING:  Ratook and Pidge are not nice fellas and can be a bit vulgar or sexual at times.  Following the letters, Beau talks about all the good things of Vanguard, from his house, to saving for a boat, to what his characters have been doing.

Show Notes
Ratook’s letter to Pidge
Pidge’s Letter to Ratook
Beau Turkey’s Commentary on Vanguard


VoV 34: Download:

Well here it is everyone, the last episode (Troy operated) of the Voyages of Vanguard. Yes, sadly I am moving on to other projects.  I have offered the show to Beau Turkey to continue, and I hope he will continue to produce great shows on the game — he has the talent, energy, and drive to really make the show shine.  In this final episode, under my direction, I give my farewell talk, then move on to some letters from Ratook and Pidge, and the show ends with a riotous talk by Beau on all things good and grand in Vanguard.

*   Troy’s Farewell to the Voyages of Vanguard
*   Ratook espouses his philosophy on the universe beyond the world of Telon
*   Pidge responds bluntly to his “big words” and high ideals
*   Beau Turkey talks about all things good, grand, and gratuitous in Vanguard


VoV 35: Download:

March 31st, 2008 – Monday – Beau introduces himself as the new host of VoV, and talks a little about what he would like to do with the show.
Here are some highlights:

* A little more discussion about GU4
* Some cool stuff he’s been doing in game!
* A few new ideas


VoV 36: Download:

Sun, 6 Apr 2008 18:08:00 GMT

This week Beau welcome his new fantastic co-host Luper!
Luper is an amazing player, and will be sure to yell at Beau when he says ANYTHING noob-like.

This show is coming out right after show 36, but in the 2 weeks between recording the segment for show 34 and now, Beau continued to record and plan. So, this show gets everything caught up and now sets next Thursday to be day of the show! So, see ya in a week!


*Beau talks to Luper about being in beta to now
*Beau talks to Luper about metal, how silly Ibanez guitars are and how she feels about the APW drama
*Beau Talks to Luper about class leads, what they are, where they are, and why they are important.

I give Luper a decent amount of “hard time”, because I am not typically one that appreciates raiding. But, I am terribly curious and would one day like to actually do some raiding in game. So, please excuse Beau’s newbie questions. He cries out for information, and Luper delivers!

This weeks song is “Nature of the Experiment” by Tokyo Police Club.

Thanks for listening.

VoV 37: Download:

Fri, 11 Apr 2008 15:18:00 GMT

This week Luper is back for more! (Thank goodness.)
Make sure to go to to read Luper’s walk-through. It is under construction, but you’ll get the idea!

Some highlights from show 37:

* We’ll talk ’bout mods, I have been using some. If you want to try some out, here are the ones I have been trying:

Darker UI
Drox UI (the most used from what I can tell)

* We talk about a cool dungeon that Luper likes a bunch! After this, you’ll know what players mean when they say “they can flip.” And no, it has nothing to do with politics.

* We talk a bit about a listeners email, and will get to the other half of his email next week.

* Then, we ask if Luper is a….a….DOUBLE BOXER!! Du du DUUUUUM. Lot’s of people do it, we talk about it.

We received a good amount of email about the last show, and keep ’em coming! Again, if you have any subjects you’d like us to address, send ’em along! Remember, we can only pick a few to talk about, so convince us! 🙂


This week’s song is “Bone Machine” by the Pixies, one of the best bands in the world. PERIOD.


VoV 38: Download:

What a talk we had. Too bad a good deal of it wound up on the editing room floor. And by floor I mean trash bin on  my desktop. If I hadn’t trimmed it it woulda’ went on for 2 hours!

Some highlights from show 38:

* Balance, balance, and more balance. What is Vanguard trying to do with balance? Is this a balanced conversation? What does Beau and Luper think about balancing balance?

* We throw some shoutouts for the Best of the Best! (Can’t find the Halgar information, if someone would be so kind as to send that to me.)

* We throw down about some cool forum topics!

A few bits of trivia about this weeks show:
1) Luper says “doo doo” at one point.
2) If you listen closely, you can hear a strange mouse clicking sound in the background, as though someone is playing Half Life 2 in the distance.
3) These two knuckleheads recorded with no show notes. Fun, but hard to do.


This week’s song is “I Wanted to be a Bard” by Chama C. Fox. This song is brilliant! It reminds me of a combination of anime and saturday morning cartoons. Check out the lyrics and stuff here.



VoV 39: Download:

Beau and Luper sat down to have a great discussion. Beau wishes he had finished up his notes on the new “Immersion Project” rules before the show, but reality had called him away from the game too much this week. Beau wanted to talk about MyUI, one of the UI’s he talked about a couple shows ago, but they will have to put that on next week’s show. Beau was contacted by the creator of the UI, and set Beau straight on some of the things he got wrong.

Some highlights from show 39:

* Luper talks a little bit about the “Best of the Best” and what’s it’s like from the inside!

* Luper and Beau get down with economics, in a way. They talk about GU4 and what some are calling “Vanguard’s Great Depression.”

* Luper goes crazy and tells what mobs lie in wait for you in APW. No strats, people, so don’t fast forward to this part. Still very cool though!

* Beau and Luper announce the NEW “Best of the Best” winners for this week. Grats players!

* At the end of the show there is a special hilarious segment recorded during Beau and Luper’s visit to the PVP SERVER! It’s silly and fast.

A few bits of trivia about this weeks show:
1) Luper says “doo doo” at one point, again.
2) The music behind the “Best of the Best” segment is from the “Karate Kid” soundtrack and was sent by listener Jay.


This week’s song is “Peace Sells” by Megadeth. Luper picked it out, and Beau is happy about it. Next week is his choice!


VoV 40: Download:

This week Luper is back for more! (Thank goodness she got enuf of Florida. What a strange place.)
Make sure to go to to read our blogs and articles!

Some highlights from show 40:

* What did we do for the last few weeks?
* Some talk about further “Immersion Project” rules.
* Luper gets MEGA preachy about exploiting and names 5 actual real players, by name, and gives details on how they exploited the mobs. And got loot. Good loot.
* Best of the BEST!
* Random email’s and fart jokes.

Here’s the maps you can print out for yourself, hehe so we can woepway togever!
Click this link, young warrior!

And here’s the Immersion guidelines!

Here’s the screenshots that favorite listener Jay sent, you know, the ones showing the beta water:

Bad Water 
Good Water

Here’s a comment from the creator of MyUI: What a cool guy. I’m so glad he looked through me calling his UI “dumb” at one point…lol

Anyway, check out his MOD! (link below.)

Hello, Xndyr here. I’m the author of myUI. I thought I would respond to a few of your comments about my UI MOD. You mentioned two specific complaints about the mod, and while I fully understand that not every player will like a given MOD, I thought you might want to know that your two comments are actually already addressed in myUI.the XP bar has always been something you could toggle on or off, it’s a feature of the default UI, and while I “skinned” the XP bar, it’s still referenced by the same name (window/xml object name) as the default, so you can turn it off in the same manner–if you go to the game “Options” window, and click on the interface tab, there is a toggle about halfway down the list to turn on/off the XP bar. This will hide it.Likewise the player stats gauge in the upper left corner can also be turned off, by going in to the myUI Settings control pannel. On the first tab where you turn off the background image you can also hide that gauge. True, it’s not something that is movable (although I could add that as an option), the encounter HUD will always show your health gauge along side of the offensive target health gauge, so if a player didn’t like having that gauge in the upper left corner they could turn it off.Thanks for checking out myUI though, and for the possitive comments 🙂


We received a good amount of email about the last show, and keep ’em coming! Again, if you have any subjects you’d like us to address, send ’em along! Remember, we can only pick a few to talk about, so convince us! 🙂


This week’s song is “Skell” by the Tommy Hernandez, a good buddy of mine. This is one of his weird experiments that he’s been doing lately. He’s an incredible piano player and person. Go check his stuff here and HERE.


VoV 41: Download:

Make sure to go to to read our blogs and articles!

Some highlights from show 41:

* What did we do for the last week?
Luper has been playing some PvPness!
Beau has been having some IMMERSION adventure!!

* We answer an email about  playing with family and friends.

* We get REALLY angry and have a massive argument that is sure to upset anyone under  the age of Tween. Seriously though, Beau had way too much coffee and was in a mood cuz’ of the forums. Also, he ALWAYS plays the Devil’s advocate and always argues the other side. He doesn’t hate raiders and raiding, he just LOVES a good debate! Still, he apologizes for his rant.

* Best of the BEST!

This episodes’ 4 most used words are: like, mmhhmm, you, know.

Wanna play the game Luper plays with her little bro? GO HERE.

And here is a great video of pvp server naughtiness with Lupita and her Crew!

This week’s song (Luper’s pick this week…Beau will pick a CRAZY one next week.) is “Sleeping Son” by Nightwish.


VoV 42: Download:

Make sure to go to to read our blogs and articles!

THE highlight from show 42:

* Glip the Gnome graces us with his presence, talking about all sorts of stuff. He gives us not only the exact date of the release of GU6, but also tells me a special code that, if entered correctly, will flag my account with “GM Powers.”

*  Also, he mentions the 10 new raid dungeons and the new “Trailer” house for new player housing islands.

*  He also talks about how stuff goes down in the offices, and how the sausage is made. We talk for just a bit about his father, Keith Parkinson.

This should is geek-freakin’-tastic!


This week’s song (Beau’s pick this week…) is “Gnome with a Chainsaw” byMan Bites God.


VoV 43: Download:

THE highlight from show 43:

* Lead Designer SILIUS gives us so much cool info and addresses a ton of concerns! Luper tries her hardest to get hired by SOE while Beau is just dumbfounded because while he was doing this interview, he thought of nothing but the ANT MOUNTS!!!! (And they look SWEET.)

We recorded this while people were logging in and loading the new patch, and it was exciting to watch the forums as we talked as they loaded up with praise for da’ patch! There were a few issues, but overall the patch went off without a problem! Congrats dev’s!


This week’s song (Beau’s pick again..) is “Doing it Right!” by The Go! Team.


VoV 44: Download:

The highlights from show 44:

* Beau is on a lot of cold medicine.

* What did we do this week in game and around the recording studio?

* The Silius and Glip interviews: how did we think they went?

* GU5 BABY! We go down the short list to talk about what worked and what was uhm, you know.

Silius’ poll: go read it and figure out how you want to vote!

* Random Items:
a) Class lead vacancies
b) Bring back Jaye!
c) Listener email
d) Custom UI! Go try the BETA! It rocks my Raki’s fur!!


PS: Make sure to email us with your questions for Avair!!

This week’s song (Beau’s pick again…Luper had a good metal song picked out so Beau gets it for the show. Then his wife says “You realize you’ll have to bleep half the song?” So Beau scrambled and got one of his favorites ) is “Halloween on the Barbury Coast!” by The Flaming Lips. (Before they became weak. They used to be the LOUDEST band on the Earth. I would sneak into clubs and listen to them and watch them burn their drums. My lead singer Manson is in their documentary that came out a year ago.)


VoV 45: Download:

Make sure to go to to read our blogs and articles!

The highlight from show 45:

* We have a long, nice, cocoa-sipping conversation with Avair!! He’s in charge of roughly half the classes, and also has a VERY manly voice! This is FILLED with interesting Q and A!
Thanks to him for taking time out from a lunch of Chicken Salad to talk to us!!


PS: Next week is the an interview with the wonderful MOONLITE! She’s in charge of CS, and has a lovely British accent! And man, she’s into METAL!

This week’s song comes from listener Nimbell, and is Blondie’s “Die Young, Stay Pretty”.  A great pick considering my perma-death experiment.


VoV 46: Download:

The highlight from show 46:

* You know what kind of people are SUPA’ FUN to interview? One’s that are named MOONLITE, Senior Customer Service Supervisor! She throws down facts about answering petitions, and how to talk to PvP fanatics! Near the latter half of the interview we break into essentially a free-for-all conversational “jam-session!” We had so much fun, and we thank the whole team for being so nice to us!!


PS: Next week is a “normal” show we think, then we will possibly haveSilius again or the wonderful Ellyra! YAY!

This week’s song is picked out by Moonlite and is Iron Maiden’s “Hallowed Be Thy Name”! Man, Maiden RULES!

Some trivia from the show:

Moonlite says “QQ” at one point.

Glip LOVES Hillary Duff.

When we started the interview, we thought we needed to interview 3 people at once. I think we recovered quite nicely.

Now, check a look at the picture that Moonlite sent us: HERE. If you can guess who she is one stage, you will get some free cookies! And a shout-out, of course. Save the pic, circle her and send it back

VoV 47: Download:

The HIGHLIGHTS from show 47:

* Me and Luper talk about the recent patch and how cool the Mekalia event is!!

*I make Luper very uncomfortable by asking her to show me her PC stats. Even though I am very comfortable with my stats, raiders often have a hard time confessing their uhm, possible shortcomings. Please feel free to cut our conversation apart and make a funny segment out of it!

*Some Immersion Project suggestions!

Some trivia:

1) Luper recorded, once again, from the inside of a jet engine. With a fan on. While monks chanted behind her.

2) Luper said the “S” word TWICE. She is in the corner on a time-out right now.

3) We recorded early enough in the morning to make us both sound kind of goofy once in a while. More than normal. Luper sounds like she smoked a carton of smokes, but she doesn’t smoke.

4) I might have been wrong about how many FPS our eye can see. See here.
Here’s the second part of the thingy. There, so the 4 grand you spent on that machine that gets 150 FPS was SOOOO worth it. I spent 1200 on mine and the rest of the 4k on beer.

The song of the show: Interesting story behind this amazingly beautiful song. No artist writes music like it anymore:

A lawsuit was filed in 2004 by the family of Solomon Linda seeking damages for the copyright of the song “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.”  Mr. Linda had written and recorded the song in 1939 under the name “Mbube,” which is Zulu for “The Lion.” In 1952 he sold the copyright of “Mbube” to Gallo Studios, the company that produced his record, for 10 shillings (about 87 cents today).  He also got a job sweeping floors and serving tea in the company’s packing house.   Born in 1909 in the Zulu heartland of Africa, Mr. Linda never learned to read or write, but he knew music and had the ability of writing lyrics.  He died in 1962 at the age of 53, with $22.00 in the bank.
His wife could not afford a gravestone.Over the years, more than 150 artists have recorded the song under the name, “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.”  The song has survived many versions; a jazz version, nightclub version, folk version, pop version, and finally a 1994 Walt Disney hit movie under the name “The Lion King.”  Mr. Linda and his family should have enjoyed a very comfortable life, but instead, the family lived in Soweto with barely a stick of furniture, sleeping on a dirt floor carpeted with cow dung.  His eight children survived on maize porridge, known as pap.
When they passed a grade in school, their reward was an egg.  Two died as babies, one of malnutrition.Solomon Linda’s daughter, Ms. Nsele contends the family was hoodwinked by a South African lawyer, now deceased.  They have won their law suit, and Ms.Nsele commented,, ” I was angry before.  They didn’t ask permission.  They just decided to do anything they wanted with my father’s song.  But now it seems we must forgive because they have come to their senses and realized they have made a mistake.
The Bible says you must try to forgive.”  Her daughter Zandile corrected her by saying, “Not ‘try’.  It says ‘forgive.'”In February of 2006 an undisclosed settlement was reached between Linda’s heirs and Abilene Music, who held the worldwide rights.  The heirs received payment for past uses of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” and an entitlement to future royalties from its worldwide use.  A trust has been set up to administer the heirs’ copyright of the song.Excerpts from the article written by Sharon LaFraniere


VoV 48: Download:

The highlight from show 46:

* Guess who’s back? That’s right. It’s SILIUS! Master of all things Vanguard!Not only does he get grilled and chilled by the VoV Criz-ew but he also gives us his opinions about some cool things like “hardcore” and da’ riftways!

Be sure to hear the important announcment at the end of the show.

Also, make sure to submit to us (listen to the show for details) by EMAIL your guess as to what Silius’ favorite movie is! If you get it guess what? He will name an item after you, in game!!


PS: We will also be doing a “mini-cast” this week, to dive into some of the subjects we have talked about with Silius. We’ll let ya know when and where!

This week’s song is picked out by Luper and is Symphony X’s  song called “Serpent’s Kiss.” (Big surprise there, what else would you think a song like that would be called? How ’bout “Going Bowling?”) next week is BEAU’S pick!! 🙂


VoV 49: Download:

The highlights from show 49:

* Me and Luper talk send out thanks to our sponsors!
* Guess who’s going to Fan Faire? WE ARE.
* We talk about what we did in game! We DID A LOT!
* Beau went to some dungeons, and Luper talks about a COOL high 30’s dungeon.
* Talk more about Fan Faire!
* Lupers phone rings and Beau’s doggies bug him.
* Beau gripes about the inability to get a racial mount (QQ) and Luper gripes (yawns) a bit too. Forgive the editing. It’s crazy. I was SOOOOO tired, we had been up at 2 am recording because I had to be at the hospital to do my rounds. I missed some stuff in the edit. Oh well. Podcast Grp looking 4 EDTR.
* At the end of the show is our new contributor, JUTE! She’s doing a cool interview!!

Beau and Lupita McCooingStein….that’s STINE!

PS: No one has guessed Silius’ fav. movie yet! Keep the guesses COMING!!!

Remember, the 25th of July will be our live, in-game recording of our 50th SHOW!! We will record live in game at Lupers’ guild hall, but you will need to log in to Skype to join our live conversation. This will be at night, ’round 7:30 PM, Central time USA!

This week’s song is picked out by Beau and is “Everything’s Ruined” by Faith No More! This band was fun back in the day, when I saw em live they threw a bunch of food all over. This band has my favorite drummer. To this day, if I record, I use him as a good sound to base my drum sound off of.


VoV 50: Download:

Voyages of Vanguard #50

(*Warning*: There are some references to “Adult Beverages” on the show. No cursing, but references to “par**ing” and “b**r”, as well as being “tr**hed”. Tell the kids to leave the room. *Warning*)

Make sure to go to read our blogs and articles!

The highlights from show 50:

We had such a blast recording this LIVE’s a lil backstory:

Luper: Hey Beau, let’s do that live recording, again. This time just audio though.
Beau: Good idea, Luper!
Luper: Ok, let’s start it early, to work out all kinks.
Beau: Roger!
*starts Skype*
Beau: Hmm, I can’t bring up the menu to moderate the room! That means that anyone can get in and talk on the mic!
Luper: Hmm, don’t worry, calm down noob. I’ll just host my own room, and we’ll see if I can moderate it.
Beau: Oh my god I’m getting so mad I might throw up.
Luper: Calm it down. Ok look, it works! I can moderate it!
Beau: Ok, did you set it to take away the ability to talk from all guests?
Luper: Ah, crud, I missed that I think.
Beau: Don’t worry, during the show, you won’t be distracted by annoying kids trying to come into the room over and over. I mean, they call it griefing, but it’ll be easy to keep up with it..I’ll just be sassy and drink! But you, you have to not only keep an eye on all the griefers, but you have to talk as well! Don’t forget to say things!
Luper: Yeh, it’ll be easy, AND fun!

*starts to record show*

Beau: Man, this is FUN!! *bbrraaappppp!!!!!*
Luper: They’re everywhere!! They won’t stop coming in!!
Beau: So, Luper, what did you do in game this week?

We introduce some branches of the VoV tree on this show, talk to our fav’s Faeren and Jute, and play the new theme song written by Faeren! IT ROCKSHERE are the lyrics!

Next week we will talk about Harassment in game and what to do about it, and Luper will be talking about some subjects of her choice!

Fun Trivia: Karen actually said “goodbye” earlier in the recording, but I put it at the end of the show to make a little more sense. No, she didn’t sit there say nothing the entire show!

Fun Links: Go to vgwalkthroughs to see the Pawz the Bear video, the un-official VG video that everyone raved about, and  OUR THEME SONG WITH LYRICS!!


VoV 51: Download:

The highlight from show 51!:

* We welcome Ichie, Associate Game Designer for our favorite game! We talklorelorelunchmirrorsdragons,vampires,lore, and lore.

Band of the show? Jane’s Addiction, that’s who. “Stop” is the song, and man I remember running around on Saturday nights listening to this, causing trouble. I loved this band and when I watch them ,and other bands from my Yute, I realize that so many bands nowadays are so so so so bad. Metal is top 40, and all the singers sound like Pearl Jam or Nirvana. And that was over a decade ago. I mean, Daughtry?? Seriously??


VoV 52: Download:

Voyages of Vanguard # 52.1 AND 52.2

Make sure to go to read our blogs and articles!

The highlights from show 51!:

* Welcome to our Fan Faire Special!

We originally planned to release a total of three chunks of audio! Instead, I have mixed the “normal” show with the “documentary” about the Live Quest. So, they are both on this one keep listening through to the end!

Then we had the bulk, raw audio from the panel discussions pressed into one MP3. So, go download those RAW FILES HERE. Bear in mind I have heard them 100 thousand times, but I could’ve still missed something. I don’t think there are any curse-words, or anything silly, but let me know. Hell, I apologize now.

Here are links to the puzzles from the Live Quest and the answers! Play along! Keep in mind that in the audio I skip maybe one or two of the puzzles, but they are still fun to solve. Here’s a hint if you’re stuck: get a Burtimus.…ordanswers.html…/crossword.html…oreanswers.html…equestions.html…bleanswers.html…wordjumble.html…rchanswers.html…wordsearch.html
The songs of the show? Well, the weird girl one is from Tegan and Sara, the song is called “Back in Your Head.” Dance-able huh?

The song at the beginning and end of the “documentary” is from the Vanguard soundtrack, which came with the Limited Edition. It’s the Leth Nurae song. Damn purdy huh?

Thanks to all those at Fan Faire, and thanks for all those that donated and voted and made it possible for me to go. Man, I owe you guys.



VoV 53: Download:

The highlights from show 53!:

* Beau is flying solo this time, and gets right to talking about all sorts of fun stuff!

What are my plans for the show?

What is going on?

Why did Luper run off to a summer camp for nerds?

Be sure to email me to be a guest on the show, or to send in a segment.

The music for this weeks show:  “Rainbow Connection” by Kermit the Frog. This was Kermits major hit, which was, according to his closest sources, about snorting angeldust off the butt of a swine. Years later he said of the song: “I hated it. I hated singing it, and I hated that g**damn banjo. Plunk plunk. I wanted to shove it straight up that guys *ss.”

Two weeks later Kermit was found dead, with a banjo string tied around his neck.


VoV 54: Download:

The highlights from show 54!:

* What’s Rikoo been up to?
Building a house, you NOOB!

* What IS hardcore? (Besides something silly that players call themselves.)
Real life of examples of Hardcore
-Beau makes raiders mad
-Beau tries to understand the need for self-images. 

-This week I am playing The Matrix Online! 
-Go grab it here and join the fun! My main’s name is Beauturke on the Syntax Server.

Next week I will be playing EQ for Man Your Stations!

This week’s music is from the movie Gumnaam, and was presented to the world in the great movie “Ghost World” starring the hottie of hotness Thora Birch! Make sure to go pick up the original comic!

The beginning segment was from Cognition: a video podcast hosted by the lovely Ryan Vinearerevinerare.


VoV 55: Download

The highlight from show 55!:
* Me and Faeran of VGwalkthroughs talk all about GU6! We giggle like schoolgirls, he says poo like, 56 times, and overall we have a good time discussing our favorite game, World of Warcraft.
Aaaahhh see there? I keed. I mean Vanguard, noob.
The beginning clip is from “Steel Magnolias“, my favorite chick flick next to “Bridges of Madison County.” I have always had a crush on Sally Field. If you laugh at this point, then you don’t understand. An amazing actress, cute as a button, and can clearly portray all 7 stages of grief. Or 9 stages…whatever.
The music is from the movie “Once.” A good lil movie about musicians. Won Oscars and stuff.


VoV 56: Download

The highlight from show 56!:
* Me and Faeran of VGwalkthroughs talk all about the infamous IOD NECKLACE OF DOOOOMMMMM!!!!!
Are MMO’s a competition? Is the Charm thingy the straw that broke Smed’s back? We talk about it!


VoV 57: Download:

The highlight from show 57!:

* What have I been doing? How sick was I?
It’s a shorter, update show to remind everyone that this lil Raki has gone nowhere! I say goodbye to Ellyra and Glip, and talk a bit about what my lil Fox Dude has been doing.

Here is the Wiki article on the MMO “Seed,” the now defunct MMO that worked so well for my playstyle.

I am still looking for any contributions or segments, in MP3 form, for the show. Send em along and I can use them!

Email me at

See you next time!



VoV 58: Download:



VoV 59: Download:



VoV 60: Download:



VoV 61



VoV 62



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