The Chromebook ‘All In One’ project: Pixel pros and cons wrap-up

Well, I sent my loaner Chromebook Pixel back to Google today. I did it with a heavy heart, simply because the device is such a pleasure to look at. The Pixel is named for its amazing screen, a 12.85 “, 2560 x 1700, 239 PPI, 400 nit brightness screen with […]

The Chromebook ‘All-In-One’ project pt. 2: The Pixel versus the Samsung

I’ve been loaned a Chromebook Pixel for the next several weeks, (from Google) so I am going to be giving it the same treatment I did with the Samsung model. For a month I used the Samsung almost exclusively (or at least for a great deal of work) and reported […]

My last Chromebook article… for now: A wrap-up

Thanks for sticking with me during this project! It’s been a lot of fun and the ‘Book community has been great. Let’s get to the links! First of all, check out the MMObility intro if you haven’t already:… — this will explain what I am intending on doing with the project, […]

The Chromebook ‘All In One’ project – Google interview, Donors Choose and virus protection 1

If you joined me last week for my first installment of the Chromebook ‘All In One’ project, then you’ll be up to speed. If not, go back and catch up here. I will be suggesting different browser-based MMOs in my column MMObility. I just released my second column that […]

The Chromebook All-In-One Project: Intro and favorite apps/links 5

Be sure to check out the embedded video above. It will explain everything pretty basically. Essentially I have always toyed with mobile gaming and living and have always enjoyed doing things on the cheap. While I love my gaming rigs or fancier phones, I also have a special place in […]