Would a real name stop posts like this? (explicit)

Below you will find links to some screenshots sent to me by a friend. While the Darkfall community has long been known to be filled with some of the scuzziest nerds in existence, it should be noted that most of the players are actually really nice, and often very helpful.

But, as you can see, it takes but one fellow to shit on the coats.

One screenshot shows how he filled almost every forum with the same link. The next shot shows the message he posted, along with a link that (once clicked) brings the reader to pornography. Bear in mind that they shut the posts down, as is normal for any moderator, even on the infamous WoW forums.

Now, the question is: would having a real name associated with his account stopped his postings? What if he had the real name of his intended “victim?” Also, is it possible that he could have simply become friendly with the “victim”, and learned his real life details that way, without ever needing the real name of the fellow on the forums? Think about how many guildmates you have given your information to, without ever really knowing them.

In the end, these screenshots are mild compared to some of the stuff that has been posted on forums in the past. We all know this. There are two “hacker” groups (essentially a group of smelly dudes) that come to mind in particular, and some of the things that they have posted on forums for children’s games and others would make your head spin.

The guy that did this is just some pissed off 17 year old, I’m sure. The point is that this kind of thing is not the result of real names being published, but the result of no accountability for forum posters. Guys like this will do much, much worse if they want, and groups of guys like this will not wait (and have not waited) for your real name to do any kind of damage. They don’t need your real name to find out your real name.

(This happened today by the way, a few hours ago.)

Remember, this is so so so so so mild compared to what players can do to one another. This ability to cause trouble has existed since the beginning of the internet. If anything, security on the internet is less guaranteed now because so many people are so naive about it. If there was more accountability online, and if trouble makers had their real life identity connected with the trouble they wanted to cause, would it stop the behavior?

Remember, your real information is already out there. Do some research. But, they are the ones that benefit from taking the time to mask most of theirs, and will continue to mask their identities because the “good people” are more scared of their real name on a forum somewhere then driving in their car.

Remember, those screenies show one player harassing another. That’s the least of what everyone knows can happen. Well, it can happen without any access to your real name. When you have a large guild or are part of a community, the sting of harassment has nothing to do with your real name. Having your real name displayed online will not be THE catalyst for poor behavior…poor behavior has been happening since the beginning, as well as finding out your real name.


An update on the Fallen Earth silliness. (with instructions)

To make sure everyone is clear on what I am talking about, I am refering to the “Return to Fallen Earth for 10 days” thing.

You know, you get an email that asks you to check out the game again, free, for 10 days. LotRO is doing one right now. The problem with this was that in the email there was no mention of “you need to have an account that has been inactive for 60 days or you will not get the free 10 days.”  Here, look at the email and you can see for yourself. IN fact, it is surprisingly void of much information at all! (The email was dated in my inbox which is based on Central Time as Jan 21st 12:18 PM.)

I have been back and forth with the customer service department, and soon after my first few contacts they put a forum post up on the forum, explaining the promotion. I know, I know…they should have had this information IN THE ORIGINAL EMAIL. (The forum post was posted at 6:56 PM the same day. Not sure what time zone.)

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An example of the craziness that I deal with…

I have been copying and pasting, for the most part, these blog posts over to mmorpg.com, even after I no longer am a paid blogger. While I think the site lacks in many ways, there are always good conversations going on. The staff is wonderful and professional.

But, I have slacked over there for quite a while, not adding anything much to the discussions. I physically cannot keep up with typing all these messages, emails and articles. My wrists wont have it. So, I decided that I might consolidate my blogs and concentrate only on spouseaggro.com, ablegamers.com, and the MMOvoices website.

So, I posted that I might do this, and soon after I begin to get responses from a few people, but mainly from this strange stalker guy I have been getting messages from for a long time. I deleted the comments and the blog post because I decided to post a few more times on mmorpg.com. Of course, this guy posted on my other blog posts, the ones containing the Spouse Aggro podcast:

” ******* writes:

Hey! He deleted some replies here!  What a tard...”

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Darkfall’s “surprise”, What side of the fence I’m on, and outdoor cats.

1) Darkfall: No one should be surprised that the Darkfall developer(s?) have hit you up for more money. I don’t care if they are charging you for the North American server, transfers or just because they are poor. I don’t care if they are charging you because they are just greedy. Here’s the rub: in the world of independent games (and a good deal of the time in the Big Leagues) shit like this happens.

It’s 50 bucks. 50. Ask your parents for a loan.


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Thank you, where ever you are.

Building the Towers in Ryzom is going very good. We are all surprised at how fast some are getting built, and looking forward to seeing them stand! Now, if we can all figure out what they are for we would be set. Many theories are out there, but most seem to point to new Outposts or extra defense against a Kitin invasion.

In case you have no idea what the Hell I am talking about, I am talking about a live event in Ryzom that will end up spanning weeks. We have been tasked with building extra defenses by digging certain materials and delivering packages of those materials from camp to camp.

Anyway, I logged in today bound and determined to actually contribute. I managed to avoid delivering the packages because some of the camps are in areas that are just too deadly. So I decided to dig. I’m not the best digger, but luckily I am good enough to dig what we need. But how would I know where to find the materials I needed? Well, I remembered the first two spots (but didn’t mark them on my map) from a previous nights digging session with friends and also remembered that the last spot was somewhere in another area (that I missed, but knew the general area). Upon traveling to that area I started to look for where to dig, and frankly I had no idea how to find them.

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