An example of the craziness that I deal with…

I have been copying and pasting, for the most part, these blog posts over to, even after I no longer am a paid blogger. While I think the site lacks in many ways, there are always good conversations going on. The staff is wonderful and professional.

But, I have slacked over there for quite a while, not adding anything much to the discussions. I physically cannot keep up with typing all these messages, emails and articles. My wrists wont have it. So, I decided that I might consolidate my blogs and concentrate only on,, and the MMOvoices website.

So, I posted that I might do this, and soon after I begin to get responses from a few people, but mainly from this strange stalker guy I have been getting messages from for a long time. I deleted the comments and the blog post because I decided to post a few more times on Of course, this guy posted on my other blog posts, the ones containing the Spouse Aggro podcast:

” ******* writes:

Hey! He deleted some replies here!  What a tard...”

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