I have been writing short stories and fiction since I was a child. While my grammar has never been perfect (thank dog for editors!) I have always preferred to try a variety of different genres and styles. I have even published a book of poetry! You can download or read most of the stories below, but keep in mind that many of them were written before I knew many of the rules of writing. (Such as the “explain the skin color for EVERYONE” rule.)

Anna the Powerful: My latest novel. It’s based around the world’s only superhero and her search for a cure for boredom. Along the way to Mars she meets many different women who seem to have the same issue. You can buy it across many online stores in different formats! – Publish date: 6/10/2014

Sarah and the Animals: A short story that I wrote years ago, in the Summer of 2005. (Currently editing for addition to a collection.)

Rikoo’s Quest: My mini-novel. All about Rikoo and his adventure for revenge. Broken into several parts, but coming in a novel format soon. Needs heavy editing. – Publish date: November 2009

Short Stories: I’ve always enjoyed the short story format. I write a lot of fan fiction, as well. Many of these are quite old and need to be edited. Hardcore.